Love is in the air: Valentine’s day is approaching

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s day is approaching! ‘Tis the season when all hearts burst with love and appreciation.

Stuck on ideas? Same old red roses don’t do it anymore? Same cheeky outfit is not so special anymore ( oi, oi, we’re all adults here)? You know what Mews says? Keep it simple, a nice dinner and drinks just the two of you; works every time, works all the time. You might even want to throw in the roses and the outfit!!

It’s Valentine’s: celebrate it simply but in a memorable way. We are running a two tier sitting, reservations can be taken  between 6.00 – 7.00pm and after 9.15pm and our Valentine’s Menu is priced at £45.00 per person.

And for the Singletons, you know WE love you, so you’re more than welcome to come and celebrate your freedom with us!


About Mews of Mayfair

Mews is one of Mayfair’s best-kept secrets: a sophisticated four-floor restaurant and bar with an air of exclusivity, but no membership fee in sight. Tucked away in a historic courtyard, the converted mews houses offer a venue that’s as smart and stylish as its location – the very heart of Mayfair. With infinite possibilities for private events, each of our rooms has a unique character and a touch of eccentricity, making Mews an elegant and unforgettable destination for dining, drinking and dancing.
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