CG COUTURE Privée Spring Collection ‘Pop up Shop’.

CG bridal dress

About the event:

Mews proudly host a fashion display in collaboration with Clariscia Gill Couture Privee in our private room the Art Gallery on Saturday 19th March 2011 from 12pm to 7pm.

The famous couturier will present her Spring Collection, showcasing contemporary-chic outfits, jaw dropping bridal gowns, daywear, businesswear cocktail and eveningwear.

About CG Couture Privee:

Do not miss out the opportunity to catch a glimpse into Clariscia’s world. Here, we have a talented woman with an innovative outlook onto fashion. Ms Gill is not only a well established couturier but also a stylist and image consultant who, amongst many others, has celebrities, musicians and beauty queens for clients. Clariscia Gill provides the modern professional women who stand for themselves both in their professional and sentimental lives.

Couture Collection pieces that offer freedom of choice for made to fit, up-to-date fashion available within 3-4 weeks of ordering.

For this event CG offers a striking range of rarely discounted on trend separates and dresses available for immediate purchase.

This “Pop up Show” is an occasion to witness how vision, drive and ambition merge together with creativity to create individualistic and unique fashion designs.

The cherry on the cake:

This is an open-day event with free entry.

Mews of Mayfair is also delighted to offer an attractive two course set ‘Crunch Lunch’ Menu to clients attending this event, available at just £10 per person in the first floor restaurant between 12.00 and 3.00pm.

A la Carte Menu table reservations are available from 6.00pm. (Not discounted)

Please contact the restaurant directly on + 44 (20) 7518 9388 to book all table reservations.

Final word:

Brides to be, women with character living in our busy London, come on down and experience the atmosphere yourself. There is nothing to lose but plenty more to gain!

Location:   Mews of Mayfair, 10 Lancashire court, London W1S 1EY

RSVP – regrets only!


CG bridal dress

More about CG

As soon as you step into her boutique, you feel immersed by her creativity.

Shall you seek for her; you will find the woman cutting, drawing and sewing hard at her studio designing new collections at her work table… Look beyond the busy streets of Mayfair, close to its heart, Lancashire court: there she’ll be.

I met Clariscia during a chilly afternoon, and as the rare sunshine reflected upon the windows, I realized that this little boutique was a precious jewel indeed.

A few years back, CG discovered her talent in bridal fashion. Originally a couture designer, she felt unsure about wedding dresses. Only after her clients incessant asking, she eventually designed her first ever bridal collection, which was thought upon the idea of anti-wedding dresses: not big fluffy or even worse, meringue like outfits that you drag and often fight with to walk down the aisle.

She spotted a gap in the market, and noticed that whilst some designers plan their wedding collections solely around a theme (the 50’s for example) this could alienate many brides from taking full part in this special day.

She then simply came up with an option of looks such as: Classic, Modern-Traditional, Funky Bride, Vintage or Second time around bride.

Clariscia said “When you go down the aisle, it should be –here comes the bride, not the dress. We want to remember the woman.” Of course the dress is important, however what could be most important than the lady herself? 

Clariscia puts at ease anyone who steps into her studio. Her bright smile and bubbly nature will allow you to slow down your active pace and simply let your hair down. She understands what you want and most of all what you may need in terms of fashion.

“I have quite a few business women who come here both for couture and bridal requirements. I often tell them to forget about the pinstripe suit and to simply loosen up. Enjoy yourself and don’t try to organize everything. Let the diva out a little bit!” 

It’s the same for every woman, we need advice from a professional, and that is what Clariscia exactly is. If I may say, she’s even more than just a professional. If placed in a contemporary fairytale, Ms CG would surely be the fairy godmother of any modern Cinderella.

Ms Gill is not only a creative individual but also a shrewd business woman. As we all know, media tends to entice us into believing we should be all of the same size and shape.  We face another story with Ms Gill as she announces her revolutionary and quite radical idea: NO SIZE – only body shape descriptions. Indeed, forget about size 8, 10 or 16 we have now the “petite fleur” or the “booty core” or even the “pull up the bumper”, “waist not want not” for women who are either of a petite nature, blessed with curves or simply blessed! You will agree that this is a cheeky outlook into accepting ourselves as we are.

“I fight for individuality. Whenever I meet with a client, it becomes a team effort. I try to interpret them through clothes, the choice of outfits, textile. I never try to suppress their individuality.”

There is no end to Clariscia’s talent and ability. She’ll provide you with beautiful stunning dresses, skirts and so forth but also strong emotional support and guidance through your fashion needs.

If I were to tell you about all the other accessories she also offers, I’d have to maybe write a full book, because from ring cushions to personalized laptop cases, ties and cravat, lingerie, gifts for the bride and groom, the list is indeed very long and very interesting; not to mention the Mother of the bride and the bridesmaids outfits.

Do come down to Mews and meet Clariscia.

She’ll tell you about her 4C’s: Clariscia’s Cut, Color and Cloth (usually is known as the 3C’s in fashion study!).

It’s all happening on Saturday 19th March at 10 Lancashire Court!  Plan your escape!


About Mews of Mayfair

Mews is one of Mayfair’s best-kept secrets: a sophisticated four-floor restaurant and bar with an air of exclusivity, but no membership fee in sight. Tucked away in a historic courtyard, the converted mews houses offer a venue that’s as smart and stylish as its location – the very heart of Mayfair. With infinite possibilities for private events, each of our rooms has a unique character and a touch of eccentricity, making Mews an elegant and unforgettable destination for dining, drinking and dancing.
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