Mother’s Day: Mews Mother

Mums…What can you write about Mums? We all know they are dear to us; we all know that for some of us they are our core. Shall one go into the hard labour of giving birth and how they care for their family? Shall one swell on the subject? Or don’t we know as of yet, whatever the season, mothers will be there standing lean and proud?

On Sunday 3rd April, Mews will be offering a special Mother’s Day Menu @£29.50 per person with a complimentary Elemis Spa goody bag for Mum only ( she is after all the special one here). 

A massive 5 choices per course will be available from the menu and delicious food will be served on your table: from Seared scallops to Lemon Sole Meunière and Wild Berry Tartlet. And this is just an example, mind you. 

Mothers will be mothers! What more could we add?

The real question lies somewhere much more practical. While theories on our love for them could take forever to explain, it is the practical stuff that always win.

                                                                                                                 Yes, in one clear sentence

Internet source - artist: Katie m. Berggren

No ambiguity, hence

No lie

No esthetics of literature, why indeed

No parable necessary, no

Just one clear imperative alignment:  Show your Love!

Don’t lose yourself in words “sans queue ni tête”,

Stray not in facetious phrases in quest

Of truth – Just show your Love

No need to free a symbolical dove

On that day, action will speak louder!

For more information on Mother’s Day at Mews, please do call our Restaurant team on 0207 518 9388 or email us your booking enquiries at

Sunday 3rd April, your mother’s eye will be peering over your shoulder wondering if you’ve forgotten about the Day. Why not surprise her with a lovely lunch with the rest of the family at Mews?

And for those who dare, you might want to tell her: “I love you Mum”.

 See you all at Mews, then!


About Mews of Mayfair

Mews is one of Mayfair’s best-kept secrets: a sophisticated four-floor restaurant and bar with an air of exclusivity, but no membership fee in sight. Tucked away in a historic courtyard, the converted mews houses offer a venue that’s as smart and stylish as its location – the very heart of Mayfair. With infinite possibilities for private events, each of our rooms has a unique character and a touch of eccentricity, making Mews an elegant and unforgettable destination for dining, drinking and dancing.
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