Sun is shining: Relax at Mews of Mayfair

Sun is shining

You’re at the office

I know: It’s frustrating

But what can you do, eh?


Salary pays bills – Work is a must.

I know, I know

You’d like to live “it – I totally understand you.

The Sun is shining – You’re wondering

It’s exasperating – The sky is blue

The office window is wide open – What can you do?

You hear the clock ticking

A tick – and – a tock

The hours go by so slowly

You tidy your desk at 4.58pm

Close your Outlook – At last, it’s 5 o’clock!

Quick, let’s go! – Before the phone rings

Quick, flee! Flee! You damn worker!

Seek peace and a resting place at Mews of Mayfair:

Safe haven for the hard-worker

And lover of good food and wine

It’s worth a look, O, employee.

Throw the dice!

Have a bit of flair

Life can be maddening – But, eh, the Sun is shining.


Contact us on 0207 518 9388 eitehr to make a reservation or enquire about how we can assist you in planning your event.

Or email us at


About Mews of Mayfair

Mews is one of Mayfair’s best-kept secrets: a sophisticated four-floor restaurant and bar with an air of exclusivity, but no membership fee in sight. Tucked away in a historic courtyard, the converted mews houses offer a venue that’s as smart and stylish as its location – the very heart of Mayfair. With infinite possibilities for private events, each of our rooms has a unique character and a touch of eccentricity, making Mews an elegant and unforgettable destination for dining, drinking and dancing.
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