The Chef’s Dining Room and the Restaurant

The Chef’s Dining Room is located upstairs. It’s like “la cerise sur le gateau” if one can say. Really different from the other venues, this Dining Room is perfect for private events. It has almost  an explorer kind of feeling to it, with its wallpaper designed by Lucy Ford as well as several massive wooden beams.  

It is almost as if you were to have dinner with Her Majesty, but just not with her (someone sexier). Yes, you’ve guessed: it’s majestic , and there is also a window into the kitchen where you can see the chefs in action ( because it’s always good to see them suffer). What more could you ask?

The Restaurant


The Restaurant is based on the 1st floor, just below the Chef’s dining room. It has a neutral design very much polished and the ambiance can be quite relaxed. It’s perfect for a one to one dinner or lunch, or you could even reserve the whole area exclusively.


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